Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom & Discernment by Brian Godawa

Every movie we watch is espousing a world view whether we realize it or not. We may think that most of what HollyWood produces is trash, but for millions and millions of people around the world they are being feed a variety of world views which will have an influence upon them consciously or subconsciously.

HollyWood WorldViews is a great read. It challenges us to be people who see films for what they are: both entertainment and a form of story telling, as well as a vehicle for proclaiming specific worldviews. Brian Godawa, who himself is a screenwriter, implores us not to be cultural gluttons (just absorbing anything uncritically) nor cultural anorexics (not watching anything, or unable to enjoy anything) but people who are able to enjoy good story telling, good entertainment, and at the same time understanding WHAT we are watching and the worldview it promotes.

The book is a wonderful exposition of film and its genres from a Christian perspective. If you love films then this will be a fruitful read for you as you learn to appreciate them even more clearly, but even better, giving you the skills to talk about films in a way that might promote the ultimate worldview – that of Christ and him crucified.

If on the other hand you HATE Hollywood, this will be an eye opening book for you. It will give you the tools to be more informed in a medium that has incredible influence in our world today.

Highly recommended!


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