The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor: Seeing Others Through the Eyes of Jesus by Mark Labberton

Although we have heard it many times and it may even sound a little trite, what would happen to us if we began to look at people as Jesus looks at them? What would happen to our compassion and empathy and emotions? What would happen to our time? What endeavors would we pour our energy into if every time we looked at someone, whether a friend, acquaintance or even an enemy and we looked at them as Jesus would look at them?

This is a profoundly challenging book – at least it was for me. And it is a book that really cannot be rushed. Indeed the author suggests that you spend not a few hours but maybe a few days in reflection between each chapter. I am always skeptical when an author says that, but I actually found myself unable to move on because of some of the emotions that were stirred up in me. Not that the book seeks to be emotional. It is just that some of the stories just hit home.

Each chapter is really a meditation with intermittent reflections throughout which encourage you to pause and ponder.

This book is about changing the heart. Not by doing something, or trying harder, but by allowing Christ to transform us into people with Christ centered hearts. Of course this is a life long journey and is not resolved at the end of the book. But like all things which challenge us on a godly level, you will be left at the end of reading this saying, “I want to do that – I want to be like that”.

Highly Recommended.

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