Reclaiming The Old Testament For Christian Preaching Edited by Kent, Kissling and Turner

This really is a gem of a book. The Old Testament is becoming more and more neglected in the preaching of the church. When I was in seminary in the mid 90’s I did a project amongst some random evangelical Churches asking them how often they preached from the Old Testament. The end results were that the Old Testament had only 15-25% exposure in preaching plans.

Reclaiming The Old Testament For Christian Preaching will not just encourage you to give more space to the Old Testament in your preaching plans, but for many it will provide a wealth of information, advice and informed understanding in approaching the Old Testament. Contributors to this book include Daniel Block, Tremper Longman III, Gordon Wenham and Christopher Wright tackle issues such as Preaching Ezekiel, Preaching from the Law and Preaching Christ from the Old Testament. I specially enjoyed and appreciated Christopher Wright’s excellent chapter on Preaching From The Law.

This really is a book for all who have a teaching role in the church, but especially for those who regularly occupy the pulpit. If all scriptures are useful for teaching then we need to give the Old Testament 50% of our preaching schedules. And this book is a wonderful polemic as to why and how we should.

Highly recommended.


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