The Irony of The Intolerance of those who demand Tolerance…

There is a scary (but not surprising) post on Virtueonline. Virtueonline has reproduced an article by Melanie Phillips who is a columnist with the Daily Mail, a British Newspaper. Phillips wrote an article (which i have not read) which dared to suggest that attempting to bar a Christian GP from the government’s advisory council on drugs because of his views on homosexuality, bombarding the school curriculum with irrelevant gay references, and prosecuting Christian hoteliers for refusing to accommodate gay men in the same bedroom were examples of a frightening intolerance.

The article which Virtue has reproduced is about the response Melanie Phillips received from people. Responses which, while outrageous for many, shows where British Society is and that the Christian Church in Britain needs to begin to prepare for persecution -persecution which has already begun, but will steadily, and speedily get worse.

Go read it HERE.


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