Worship And Reality Of God: An Evangelical Theology of Real Presence by John Jefferson Davis

Evangelical / reformed worship can easily be reduced to a few songs, some prayers and the sermon; the sermon being the main focus of the Church gathering. While not neglecting the importance and value of good preaching John Jefferson Davis exhorts the church to rediscover the value and importance of ‘worship’. For Davis, worship has to be an intentional activity – worship does not just happen but is a learned behavior. To be done successfully, it must be done knowledgeably, intentionally and skillfully. Note the words knowledgeably, intentionally and skillfully. This book is about a thoughtful and intentional approach to what worship is and how that looks in today’s evangelical church. The goal, the result of this is not a greater ‘experience’ but the ‘real’ presence of God in our services. Acknowledging that God is there – he is with us and in us and that the church has gathered knowing that the living God is there to meet with us and we are there to glorify Him and to enjoy being in his presence.

Developing a real theology of worship is vital for pastors and Davis’ book is really a must read. I was surprised at how good this book is and what a valuable resource it will be to church leaders. This is not just about a good theology of worship but this book should excite you to worship.

Highly recommended.


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