The Death of Liberalism?

Back in May I wrote a post that suggested that the Liberal Democrats should not create a coalition government. To do so would damage the Liberal Democrat Party.

The Spectator has a very interesting article in it today. Liberal England Dies Again is an article which suggests that the Liberal agenda is now dying. The compromises and back tracking that the Coalition is forcing the Liberal’s to swallow is making the faithful Liberal followers angry and frustrated and I think most of all, is slowly destroying the Party.

There is an assumption that a politician or a political party MUST push towards holding ‘power’. I do not agree. A Politician may do far more good, being a vocal voice without entering into government. Likewise I think the Liberal Democrats did far more good as a party in the house of commons than they have, or ever could being in a coalition government. I think that history will see that the decision to enter into the coalition government was a very bad one for the Liberal Democrats.


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