Christian’s Killed In Alexandria Bombing – Very Sad On Two Levels

I read reports over the past couple of days of the suicide bomber who killed 21 Christian’s during a service in Alexandria, Egypt. We pray for the families of those who died.

But then the report goes on to say that Christians clashed with Egyptian police in the northern city of Alexandria on Saturday, furious over killings.

Now, it is easy to be an armchair critic. I do not know the experiences and the tension that is rife over there. However, my feelings are that it is utterly tragic that the Christian’s felt they could act so contrary to Christ’s teachings that they clash with the police because of their anger. That is not the response COMMANDED by christ to our enemies and to those who persecute and even kill us. The Church in Alexandria needs to repent and apologize to the police for their actions and then start to pray together for the family of the bomber – for their enemies and for the gospel to be proclaimed.