Small Faith, Great God by N.T Wright

What is faith? A blind leap into something? A hope which may not come true? For Tom Wright the issue is not so much what is faith, rather the issue is the OBJECT of the faith. And for Christians the object of faith is Jesus Christ.

In this small book, based on sermons, Wright unpacks what this faith in Jesus Christ might look like for Christians. A faith that is strong and sustaining – able to bring us through both the best of times and the very worst of times. A faith which is practical and real.

I found this book immensely refreshing, especially in just enjoying Wright’s exegesis of the Bible passages and his ability to draw them into the here and now making them so applicable for us today. The irony is that through this book you can almost tangibly sense the strength and deep of Wright’s own faith and his love for the glory of God.

If anyone should ask you ‘What is faith’ give them this book.


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