The Accidental Anglican: The Surprising Appeal of the Liturgical Church by Todd D. Hunter

Todd Hunter has been on an unlikely journey. From being an apprentice of John Wimber and the Vineyard Movement to heading up USA Alpha, it would appear somewhat strange that Todd is now an Anglican Bishop. This book is how that journey happened. I resonated with Todd Hunter’s journey into Anglicanism and ordained ministry. While I am not a bishop, I come from a free evangelical charismatic church background and now I am an ordained Anglican Priest in the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina.

Todd shares how he began to move into a more liturgical setting and the process by which he came to be ‘ordained’ within the anglican episcopacy. He writes in an easy, relaxed, humorous and honest manner. He shares about those anglicans who have impacted and shaped him such as J I Packer, John Stott and Tom Wright as well as sharing what he likes about anglicanism .

At a 140 pages this is a short book, and to be honest I pondered what purpose it might have other than being a very short biographical snap shot of Todd’s life. However, as I thought about it I came to realize that this book serves as a valuable introduction to Anglicanism for those from strong ‘non’ liturgical backgrounds. Todd has not become ‘Anglican’ or left behind his roots, or repudiated his past – he is who God has matured him to be and as a servant of God, God has led him into a place of ministry with anglicanism and this has grown in him an appreciation of the anglican tradition.

This will give many who are unfamiliar with the anglican church a wonderful and accessible introduction.


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