British Politics – Liberal Democrats Still Between A Rock and Hard Place

Back in May i wrote a post expressing my concern for the Liberal Democrats if they decided to join a coalition with the Conservatives (Here).

The BBC has a piece on their website quoting Chris Huhne, the Energy Minister:

Chris Huhne said a period of “immense unpopularity” was inevitable, but they would emerge stronger for it.

The Energy Secretary told BBC One’s Politics Show: “It’s human nature to say yes, we have to tackle the deficit but no, we don’t like any of the individual things that the people are doing to tackle the deficit.

“We are going to go through a period of immense unpopularity… but we will come out of it. We will be stronger at the next election and people will see that we’ve done the right thing.”

One of the major gifts a politician needs is optimism. Or at least, the ability to never be able to admit publicly how bad it is privately. The fact that senior Lib Dems are now saying that they will go through a period of ‘immense unpopularity’ is not good, even with the caveat that “we will come out of it” and “We will be stronger at the next election.” The Lib Dems have been forced to go with higher tuition fees for students – a policy that they pledged against doing. I fear the electorate has a long memory – and the election is over 4 years away, which may not be long enough away!


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