The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God by Timothy G. Gombis

People tend to think that verse-by-verse expositional commentaries are always the best type of commentaries. However most commentaries are about scholars speaking to other scholars and while they have a place, they are not always accessible to everyone.

Some of the very best ‘commentaries’ are ones that deal with the broad brush strokes and themes of a book – giving you the whole picture. Timothy Gombis’ book The Drama of Ephesians does just that which makes it a very valuable commentary on Ephesians.

What Gombis does so well is to broaden our perspective to include both the earthly and spiritual message of Ephesians. He looks at the cosmic battle and the role of the Christian / Church as we live both in the here and now and yet also in the light of what is yet to come, the eternal kingdom of Christ.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not some wild charismatic polemic about the demonic world but solid biblical insight about the realities of what the church in Ephesus faced and what the church is faced with today. This book does a GREAT job of bringing this book into the present and how it relates to us today. Although very accessible, make no mistake – this is high scholarship presented in a very readable way. It is obvious Gombis spent much time immersed in this letter.

I wish more books like this are being written on the biblical books – we need them.

Very Highly recommended.


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