Constantine – Good or Bad for the Church?

I have thought for a while that Constantine, the Emperor of Rome who appeared to convert to Christianity in the early 4th century, had a bad effect on the Church. I wrote a paper called the Paradox Of A Divided Church Called To Be Reconcilers To The World, in which some of the paper argued that we still live in the light of Constantine’s decision to legalize Christianity. The paper was published in a book called Out Of The Ooze edited by Spencer Burke. Kevin DeYoung, in his book Why We Love the Church actually references my chapter in order to disagree (which I think he does inadequately.)

Interestingly, a new book has been published by Peter Leithart called Defending Constantine. IVP have sent me a review copy to read and I have started to read it. I am intrigued by Leithart’s approach. Watch this space for a review.

However, I came across this clip of a Greg Boyd sermon which happens to tackle Constantine. I fully agree with Boyd’s analysis. You may disagree with Boyd’s theology but he is one of the most dynamic and interesting theologians out there today. His approach is ALWAYS thoughtful, scriptural and even when I might disagree, he is insightful. Here is the clip:


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