Mobilizing Hope: Faith-Inspired Activism For A Post-Civil Rights Generation by Adam Taylor

One of my most inspiring professors at Seminary was Dr Alan Storkey. Alan was passionate about the injustices of the world and he was active not just by speak out but by getting involved. He wrote a book called The Politics of Jesus in which he argued that Jesus’ ministry was intensely political. Whether you agree or disagree that Jesus’ ministry was political, as Christians we MUST be involved with our society and we must be ACTIVE in the injustices of the world BOTH by speaking out AND by our actions.

Adam Taylor’s book challenges us as believers in Christ to be ACTIVE against injustice. Building on the civil rights movement of the 60’s and the importance that Christian faith was to that movement, Taylor argues that by taking the same ethos and approach the church could have a momentous impact on the injustices of the 21st century and engaging society, politicians and business on behalf of the weak, vulnerable and oppressed.

Taylor is not advocating an all-encompassing social justice campaign. Too often such campaigns become the be all and end all of peoples lives. Social Justice should not be our driving force, but our foundation should be Jesus Christ, our faith, and the gospel. Taylor is arguing for a spiritual holistic approach to engaging the issues of our nation and the world with the truths of Jesus Christ. He writes while we are co-creators and co-celebrants with God in this kingdom building project, we must always remember that ultimately our vision and strength comes from the Lord.

In his book Taylor is calling the Church of Christ to action. How on earth can the Church not be at the front and center for the need for justice? Get inspired and read this book.

Highly Recommended!


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