What’s In The Bible? Battle For The Promised Land

What’s In The Bible is the new offering from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. Designed to walk kids and families through the entire Bible, the 13 DVD-series released in beginning March 1, 2010. This DVD focuses on Joshua, Judges and Ruth.

Using song, variety of new characters including ‘Buck Denver and Phil Vischer himself, the Bible and especially Joshua, Judges and Ruth, have never been so fun to learn.

What is remarkable about this DVD is that Vischer has managed to produce Bible teaching which will hold kids attention; is utterly entertaining; and yet is full of ‘theology’… deep, profound theology. My wife and I were learning during the episodes!! They say that in order to explain something simply requires profound understanding — this is exactly What Is In The Bible is. Here is my son, Sam’s brief review of the DVD…

Our whole family sat down to watch this – my wife and I, our 7 years old and 3 year old. They watched both 28 min episodes straight through – and then again the following day. This is truly family entertainment. And the questions that it raises were just great – Sam, my 7 year old kept asking more and more questions about the scriptures. What more could you ask. The only problem is that now I am going to HAVE to buy the whole series!

I think this is going to be a GREAT series – not just for the entertainment but because this is going to be an incredible way to get kids into the Bible!!

Highly, highly recommended.

Here is ‘taste’ of this great series…


Well, I have a certificate to give away which will entitle you to a free copy of this DVD on Joshua, Judges and Ruth. The first person to email me at lukefourteenthirtythree [at] gmail [dot com] with their mailing address gets the certificate.

For more information go to What’s In The Bible, and Tyndale


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