Journey With Jesus: Discovering the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius by Larry Warner

I have been fascinated by Saint Ignatius’ spiritual exercises for some time now. I find it remarkable that these were written between 1522-1524 and became a 200 page booklet for people to follow over a 28-30 day period. I once heard someone I respect immensely say that every Christian should do the Ignatius Spiritual Exercises at least ONCE in their life. I have read books about them and have attempted to do them, but you are advised to attempt the exercises with a spiritual advisor.

Larry Warner has done a wonderful thing with this book, allowing the everyday Christian to go through the exercises on their own. Of course, a spiritual director would be wonderful – and Warner does argue the benefits of having a spiritual director or listener. However, life does not alway allow for such benefits and Warner has skillfully, with incredible clarity and ease of use, produced a piece of work whereby ANYONE can now be exposed to the Spiritual Exercises, easily follow along AND be blessed by doing so.

The first three chapters are all about getting the most out of the exercises, while the rest of the book has been written and laid out so well that all the reader has to do is to carefully and  prayerfully work through the material. This is not a book to be rushed, but to be absorbed – to stop, ponder, reflect and then move on.

If you have never done the Spiritual Exercises, but have always wanted to, then this is the book for you. If you have never done the Spiritual Exercises – then I suggested you do them, at least once – and this is the book for you.

A great devotional work arranged for the modern age.

Highly Recommended.


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