A Full Season

There are times when life is simply ‘full’. We have one of those times now. At home we are in the process of applying for our Green cards and so we are busy gathering all the necessary documents ready for filing. We have seen some major pastoral issues at work which have and will require attention. With the fall season comes increased teaching and programs – we are going through Romans with our men’s breakfast Bible Study class; 1 Timothy at our Adult Education class on Sunday mornings and reading Francis Chan’s Crazy Love with our Wednesday morning book club at a local diner.¬†I am also co-teaching on our diocesan Apprenticeship Program Doctrine and Biblical Studies. With normal parish life and three children I am in a full season right now.

But even a full season does not stop me reading. Look out for some book reviews very shortly. The  following 7 books are on my desk either waiting to be read, or to finish reading and reviewed for the publisher: