The Passionate Intellect: Christian Faith and The Discipleship of the Mind by Alister McGrath

Not every Christian believes they are a theologian. For some, theology is a distant and unattainable discipline, only for those who have been to seminary and read certain books. Theology has become separated from the everyday part of the church. Alister McGrath, in this book, aims to bring the two together again.

Theology must be part of the everyday language of the church and of every believer, not because we must be intellectually superior but because it will help us engage our culture and be ‘Christians’ to our community. To read the Bible IS to do theology. McGrath, one of the most gifted theologians of today has managed to produce a book for EVERY christian, not just academics.

The first part of the book provides a short, but packed overview of  the purpose, place and relevance of theology. It is one of the best summaries of Christian theology available. Part two brings the theology into the realm of our culture, showing how theology relates to everyday life, and especially is responding to the rise of New Atheism.

They say that to explain something simply requires profound understanding. McGrath has produced a book which explains simply the basics of theology and how it can relate to our culture. Those who read it will  realize that theology is not a distant and unattainable discipline but a transforming and vital part of being a believer. To read this will give the reader a wonderful foundation and confidence from which to begin to explore  more theology.

Highly recommended.


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