Generous Orthodoxy?

Other Christian leaders express anxiety concerning the tendency of theology to create division and conflict within the church. J.I. Packer, one of evangelicalism’s most influential and wise voices, has written of the problem of “entrenched intellectualists” – “rigid ,argumentative , critical christians, champions of God’s truth for whom orthodoxy is all.” I think we all know people who seem to have an obsession with what Packer calls “winning the battle for mental correctness” and little interest in any other aspect of the Christian faith. They may love God, but they seem to have problems loving other people – especially when they disagree with them.  It’s not always easy to discern how this fixation on theological correctness links up with the gospel accounts of the ministry of Jesus of Nazarath. Surely the better way is to pursue a generous orthodoxy, seeing disagreements in the context of the greater disagreements which bind us together?

Alister McGrath The Passionate Intellect


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