Whole Life Transformation: Becoming The Change Your Church Needs by Keith Meyer

At the beginning of chapter 5, Keith Meyer writes As a young minister I found ministry to be an exciting ride. The pace of ministry is really fast, and before I knew it I had forgotten how to stop. (Actually, I had never learned to stop in the first place.) As a minister this one sentence was literally like a sharp blow. Why? Because I realized that in the process of training young ministers, we almost never teach them how to stop. And that is wrong. This book teaches ministers how to stop – not just in order to rest, but in order to be transformed, transformed in order to do ministry differently.

The need for ministers to stop the increasing speeding train of ‘the demands of ministry’ is being acknowledged. The problem is most ministers on this train cannot find the brakes. And usually, it’s only when the train crashes that things change and that is often painful. Keith Meyers train does not crash but it came close. He realized that his ministry was effecting his family in a negative way. He recalls the day this changed for him. Sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons with his young son, he is asked the question, Dad are you home yet? I think most ministers have had this feeling, this revelation – that they have fallen in love with Church, not just Christ.

Meyers book is filled with valuable advice for ministers to find the brakes of their train and regain perspective, perspective about God and the real things of ministry. Recommended.


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