Why Monday’s Are The Worst Day For A Minister To Take For His Day Off!

When should a minister take his day off? For many the choice day is Monday. The wisdom is you need the rest after a day of services and preaching. This is totally understandable. However, I always advice younger ministers NEVER to take Monday’s off. Why? Here are  2  reasons;

1. To have Monday off is to see worship as the end of the week, when really, worship should be the beginning of our week. Our corporate worship, where we encourage one another, pray for each other and are fed with the word should be the launch pad for the week ahead. Sunday’s should launch not finish our week.

2. Many parishioners have seen you Sunday – have spoken with you, given you messages etc. Hence Monday’s are often the quietest day of the week in terms of phone calls and meetings. This means that Monday’s are perfect for sermon preparation. I have found a number of benefits of preparing, or at least beginning and doing the majority of the work on the sermon / teaching on a Monday; (i) it gives me the rest of the week to meditate and pray for the word/message, (ii) I don’t get crunched at the end of the week having a sermon hanging over my head.

For these reasons I have Friday’s off. I have a ‘sabbath’ day – sundown Thursday to sundown Friday. This leaves Saturday for final tweaking and prayer and preparation for the beginning of the week and the joy of worshiping with the body of Christ and through the blessing of meeting with the body of Christ, being launched once again into another week of serving Jesus!


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