It Is Well: Expositions on Substitutionary Atonement by Mark Dever and Michael Lawrence

Penal Substitution (PS) has been a hot topic for some of late. There have been a number of books of late, ranging from the academic to the popular, defending PS. There are some in the debate who would argue that PS is the ONLY atonement model in Scripture. Fortunately this is not one of those books. While acknowledging that there are other atonement models, what this book endeavors to do is to show that PS is a prominent theme throughout the Bible. And they succeed.

Each chapter is an exposition of a passage of scripture. While the text is easy to read the expositions are very good, taking you through the relevant verses skillfully. Mark Dever begins the book in Exodus 12, showing how the theme of PS is found in the first Passover, when the angel of death went through Egypt. From there each chapter builds the case that Scripture teaches emphatically that God sent his Son to die in our place, as a substitute, having the sins of the world placed placed upon him and Jesus dying in our place.

To deny PS as a biblical model (and a core one at that) is really a very difficult position to hold from the Bible and this is shown through these expositions. However reading this book is not just going to give you an understanding of what scripture teaches you about PS, it will also give you a wonderful model of what a good exposition looks like and ultimately, and most importantly, these expositions will point you to Christ and his work.