Please, Archbishop Williams, For The Sake of the Anglican Church, ACT NOW!

It’s time that Rowan Williams acted. Katherine Jefferts Schori (her heresy has lost her the right to be called a Bishop in the Church) is committed not only in walking away from  the Christian faith personally, but she is taking a denomination with her. She is also intent on making sure that there is no room for any conservative believers in the Episcopal Church. She must be publicly denounced as one who has abandoned the faith and TEC removed from the Communion. The Archbishop of Canterbury then needs to allow all Conservative parishes and Diocese to come under Canterbury. After a period of time, Canterbury then appoints another Province in the US.

That is what I think he should do. He won’t. He either does not have the guts, or he does not have the conviction. The recent Pentecost letters show how this situation is utterly ridiculous. Archbishop Williams throws a pathetically limp ‘rebuke’ to Schori. And now Schori throws back a contemptuous response showing that she does not give a damn.

So, even though this will fall on deaf ears, please Archbishop, for the sake of the Communion, please, do something, and do it soon.


One thought on “Please, Archbishop Williams, For The Sake of the Anglican Church, ACT NOW!

  1. Dear Sir,
    Not sure of your willingness to identify yourself but I am Keith Meyer, author of Whole Life Transformation: Becoming The Change Your Church Needs. In looking up your site to thank you for the review saw that you are Anglican…in the TEC. I am a former Evangelical Free Church Pastor (father was president of Trinity Div School or TIU) who has been highly influenced by the Church Fathers and Anglicanism…am now sacaramental in my outlook and am now considering holy orders with AMIA…one of the off shoots from TEC. I am uncomfortable with the separatism (as is N. T. Wright who I had the privilege of interacting with while doing a teaching video with him on Romans back in ’99) but it seems my only option. I have friends in both sides and it is so strange to have to negotiate this divide.

    Also…the Anglican offshoots, AMIA, CANA, etc have been having me do retreats and consults with them for spiritual formation in their churches and soul care retreats.
    I noticed this post and your others and wondered if we could chat some time.
    If not, I will understand and keep your blog in mind.
    God’s blessings to you sir,

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