British Politics – The Lib Dem’s Are Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I do not envy the Liberal Democrats right now. I write this with no announcement regarding the talks they are in with the Conservative Party. Will they reach a deal or not? Either way, I do not think this is a good situation for the Lib Dem’s and I say that as someone who has in the past campaigned for them and stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate.

The problem they have is that they are brokering a deal with only 57 seats in parliament. It was never envisaged that a hung parliament would be in effect with so few Lib Dem seats – and that weakens the hand of Nick Clegg. Secondly, what does Clegg accept and reject as deal breakers? Do they accept less on electoral reform and upset their members? Or do they walk away from the Conservatives and any possible share in power? Do they try and help a deeply unpopular government, who will soon elect another leader who may be Prime Minister without having won an election.

No, the Lib Dem’s are between a rock and a hard place. This is not the hung parliament scenario they had hoped for. My two cents worth is to walk away from the Conservatives. Do NOT go to Labour. See if the Conservatives can manage a minority government and vote according to each issue before parliament. If another election has to be held sooner rather than later, then so be it.


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