The Message of Acts: The Spirit, the Church, and the World by John Stott

Our Men’s Breakfast Bible Study has just finished studying the book of Acts. We started it 7 months ago, and we meet every week. After we eat breakfast, each study is around 45/50 mins long, including questions and discussion. My boss and I (along with Jon our Music Director) have team taught. One of the many commentaries I used was John Stott’s, The Message of Acts. This is really a first class commentary and I will give you just two reasons. First, Stott is able to summarize succinctly  what other commentators take pages to explain. I used other commentaries in the preparation of the 14 studies I gave on Acts (including David Peterson’s excellent work), and there was never a time when another commentary said something that Stott had not already mentioned And of course Stott is wonderfully biblical in how he handles the text. Secondly, all of Stott’s commentaries can be used as devotional tools, and this is very useful. Technical Commentaries are great and needed (and I have many) but when preparing for Bible Studies where there is lots of engagement, Stott’s commentaries are invaluable. Mixed in with the scholarship is the heart of a preacher / evangelist and this gives the commentary real practical teeth. To spend a month or so going through Acts with this commentary by your side would be a wonderful devotional study.

Highly Recommended.


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