A Volcano – Travel Disruption – Great Missionaries of the Past Turning In Their Grave…

I confess. I sinned. I chuckled at the scenes of people delayed and getting angry because of the shut down of the airports across Europe. I did not chuckle because I was happy to see people disrupted. Not at all. I chuckled because of the expectation we have today that traveling thousands of miles SHOULD be easy and that delays are called ‘hardships’.

I thought about the missionaries of the past. Those men and women who traveled across oceans, and uncultivated land without planes, or SUV’s, or All Terrain Hummers! Those who went into deepest Africa, like Livingstone; or who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the 18th Century like Whitefield and Wesley. Delays, uncertainty, high possibility of death from storms or disease where their constant companion. Even Paul the Apostle in Acts 27-28 travels from Israel to Rome and is shipwrecked and has to spend 3 months on Malta (now that’s a delay!). And this was a man who had traveled 3500 miles by sea.

Our modern culture has made this assumption that to travel thousands of miles should be simple and easy – and fortunately a lot of the time it is easy. But really, a few days, a week, 10 days delay is no big deal when compared to the real problems of the world. Those who have been inconvenienced and stranded should rejoice that they have probably ate better and slept more comfortably in their delay than the majority of men, women and children do each day of their life around the world.

A little perspective. A little reflection. A Volcano; some travel disruption; people will get home and  life will go on.


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