Do You Have Plenty?

Imagine getting hired by an independent, family owned company and you negotiate your salary at $180,000 a year. You know that this salary provides amply for your needs, for your family and for your future. It gives you plenty.

Now imagine that 6 months later, this independent family owned company hires another worker, who works less hours, but is paid $200,000 a year.

What would your reaction be? Is it fair? Has an injustice taken place? Would you complain? What would be driving your motives by complaining?

This is what the parable of the workers in the vineyard in Matthew 20 addresses. There is NO valid complaint, because the complaint would come from jealousy, greed or envy – or all three. For someone to be paid enough, but then complain because someone is paid MORE is simply greed. The vineyard owner knows that for people to feed their family and to have enough they needed a days wages. Those who agreed to the wages knowing that it was enough, complained from greed.

Are we able to recognize that we have plenty? That maybe the person who needs more of a salary to feed a bigger family can have a bigger salary – because I have plenty. I have enough?


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