Christianity; An Easy Life? A Reflection on Job

One of the misconceptions which the book of Job blows out of the water is the idea that to be a faithful servant of the Lord means that life will always be good and trouble free.

Of course we would ALL agree and think such a statement is rather obvious. But in my experience, whenever major trouble hits believers lives, the responses I hear (as well as my own responses to hardship) seem to suggest that we have at least an underlying, unconscious expectation that really, such hardship should not come our way – after all we are believers in Christ.

That was Job’s whole question – and the issue behind the discussion with his ‘friends.’ Job says that he has followed God’s commands faithfully, so why is God doing this to him. His ‘friends’ point out that that God only punishes the wicked and therefore Job must have sinned against God.

But we, the readers, know there is something more going on. There has been that conversation between God and Satan – God bragging on Job’s faithfulness and Satan accusing God and Job of a sham (he only follows you because you give him good things).

What struck me, reading Job, is this. Being a Christian not only does not exclude us from tough things or disasters happening to us, but that God is under no obligation to tell us WHY this is happening to us. Not only that – but he has the right to do whatever he wishes, to accomplish his purposes. God was so sure of Job’s faithfulness that he allowed Satan permission to do what he did to prove Job’s faithfulness – and he never tells Job why all that happened happened.

By placing our trust in Christ we give over the management of our life to God. And we must trust God with our life, whether it s a life filled with hardship and disaster, or with joy and blessings. We must allow God to use our life as He wishes for the purposes of his Kingdom. For when we do give our lives to him we have irrevocable promises of eternal life coming to us – in that we can rejoice – we have the hope to come which is our comfort during the tough times on earth.


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