Satan’s Ploy in Genesis 3

I was reading Genesis 3 recently. It struck me that the serpent’s ploy is not to make Eve or Adam unbelievers. It’s not even just to have them disobey God. It is to make Eve and Adam DISTRUST God. It was to make them believe that God was holding back on them. He tells them that God’s motive in telling them NOT to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil was that they would become like God, and God didn’t want that. That is his ploy.  It is a ploy which has worked throughout history. People get angry with God because they feel he is holding something back from them, be it a blessing, or healing or his love. That is what peopel say – “Oh God COULD have done this but he didn’t – God COULD have healed my wife’s cancer, but he didn’t. The enemy does not care whether people believe God exists – the enemy  KNOWS that God exists. The enemy is happiest when people distrust God. When people think that God is holding out on them. As a church we need to be a people who TRUST in God, even through the hardest times of our lives. God has not held anything back from us – he gave himself to die on the cross, so that we might live.


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