Update On Caleb

Caleb is doing well. He is sucking well, but slowly – and that’s a good sign. He is also putting weight on, which is another great sign. He is crying and reacting as a as he should.  He is going through physiotherapy and occupational therapy because the anti-seizure drug is causing some deterioration in muscle tone. He is responding really well to that.

The doctors want to repeat the EEG again to make sure he is having no more seizures.

The MRI has shown there is dispersion in the brain. That means that there are lots of small areas that are dead. But no one knows what this means practically. The brain could repair itself or compensate without any visible signs. They just don’t know and only time will tell. We would appreciate your prayers for this.

He will be watched carefully once he comes home to make sure he is developing on target.

He’ll be able to come home when he can take a bottle himself without getting exhausted and whether he has no more seizures when they stop the meds.

Many thanks again for your prayers. They are indeed working and we feel so carried by them.


One thought on “Update On Caleb

  1. Hi Andy

    Any more updates on Caleb? Good to hear some progress, praying for complete recovery, including the areas of the brain. How are Kitty and the boys?

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