John Piper and Rick Warren

I have been following the fascinating events (and the fuss) which has surrounded John Piper’s invitation to Rick Warren to come and speak at the Desiring God conference.

It really is quite amusing to see people turn on John Piper, offering their criticism to him about his decision and then offering their own analysis about why John Piper is wrong – or how dangerous it is for him to have Warren speak at the DG conference.

One minute John Piper is a pastor of the very highest regard, and then his decision, motives and competency is questioned. What a fickle bunch we are.

It kind of smacks of the attitude similar to the Pharisees. Jesus was criticized for hanging out with people he supposedly should not have been associating with. A good, solid, biblical guy like Piper shouldn’t be hanging with a guy like Warren. Really?

I think that the criticism, judgments, analysis and angry comments should be held at bay until at least AFTER the conference and after Warren has spoken. Check out John Piper’s video explaining why he asked Warren to speak:


Try not to read the comments. There are some real stupid ones there!!


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