A New Kind Of Christianity by Brian McLaren

I wrote a while back about the fall of Brian McLaren (see HERE). I wrote that without having read McLaren’s book. I have now read the book. I am not going to spend time doing a thorough review because you can read in-depth reviews from Scott McKnight HERE and from Kevin Young (in pdf form HERE).

Suffice to say that it would appear that when Brian McLaren went into the dark room of doubt regarding his faith, instead of coming out the door he went in he decided to break out of the room through his own door. And this is the result.

McLaren has ‘reconstructed’ a belief in God which helped him out of his doubt, and settled his questions, and removed his problems with God; and this reconstructed christianity bears little resemblance of the orthodox faith and 2000 years of tradition. This reveals the very darkest side of the emerging movement.


One thought on “A New Kind Of Christianity by Brian McLaren

  1. I don’t agree with everything he says in his book, but he asks some great questions that need to be considered by all Christians.

    Read chapter 8 and I would love to hear your thoughts.


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