Bringing People Up To the Bible

I do love Martin Lloyd-Jones. Here is an interesting point he made in a talk in 1961.

While I do not hold his high devotion to the Authorized Version (I think Bible Translations are far superior today than in 1960’s – i.e. ESV, NRSV, HCSB & NET), I love his point, which I made bold in the text below:

I suppose that the most popular of all the proposals at the present moment is to have a new translation of the Bible… The argument is that people are not reading the Bible any longer because they do not understand its language – particularly the archaic terms – what does your modern man… know about justification, sanctification, and all these Biblical terms? And so we are told the one thing that is necessary is to have a translation that Tom, Dick and Harry will understand…Look at it like this. Take this argument that the modern man does not understand such terms as ‘justification’, ‘sanctification’, and so on. I want to ask a question: When did the ordinary man ever understand those terms? … Consider the colliers to whom John Wesley and George Whitfield used to preach in the 18th century. Did they understand them? They had not even been to a day school, an elementary school. They could not read, they could not write…Yet we are told, [the Bible]  must be put in such simple terms and language that anybody taking it up and reading it is going to understand all about it. My friends, this is nothing but sheer nonsense! What we must do is to educate the masses of the people up to the Bible, not bring the Bible down to their level.


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