Church Of England Synod Affirms ACNA

I think this was as far as the CofE could go on this synod with ACNA. To affirm their desire to remain in the Anglican Communion. I think it’s a huge step and a set back for Katherine Schori who was actively lobbying in England. Of course the CofE is a master of fudging -and while I think this is great step, the next logical step would be to formally acknowledge ACNA in 2011. The yeargap, I think, is important. My hunch is that the CofE need to see if ACNA can hold together and get established. It would not be a good think for ACNA to be formally recognized only for it to disintegrate over the coming months.

On any rating, the overwhelming affirmation by the Synod of the Church of England to recognize the fledging Anglican Church of North America province is a small but significant step, a wedge under the door of both the Church of England and the World Wide Anglican Communion.

David Virtue (read it all here)


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