How Should A Congregation Treat Their Pastor?

Benjamin Keach’s paper, The Glory of a True Church (1600’s), lists 7 duties of Church-Members to their Pastors …
  1. ‘Tis the Duty of every Member to pray for their Pastor and Teachers (for which he then lists 6 motives: Ministers Work is great; The Opposition is not small which is made against them; God’s loud Call is for the Saint’s continual Prayers and Supplications for them; Their Weaknesses and Temptations are many; The Increase and Edification of the Church depends upon the Success of their Ministry; If they fall or miscarry, God is greatly dishonoured, and his Ways and People reproached)
  2. They ought to shew a reverential Estimation of them
  3. ‘Tis their Duty to submit themselves unto them, that is, in all their Exhortations, good Counsels and Reproofs
  4. It is their Duty to take care to vindicate them from the unjust Charges of evil Men, or Tongue of Infamy, and not to take up a Reproach against them by report, nor to grieve their Spirits, or weaken their Hands
  5. ‘Tis the Duty of Members to go to them when under Trouble or Temptations
  6. It is their Duty to provide a comfortable Maintenance for them and their Families, suitable to their State and Condition
  7. It is their Duty to adhere to them, and abide by them in all their Trials and Persecutions for the Word

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