Don’t Read Fast… Read Slowly

John Pipers book Brothers We Are Not Professionals has some great wisdom. With regards to pastors and their reading he says that we should not be skimming books, or trying to keep up with Pastor Jones. This feeds pride and breeds spiritual barrenness. Piper quotes Charles Spurgeon, A student will find that his mental constitution is more effected by one book thoroughly mastered than by twenty books which he has merely skimmed, lapping at them.

Piper then says: the point is not to read many books. The point is to stay alive in your soul, to keep the juices flowing, to fan the flame again on Monday and have it burning bright on Saturday night.

The advice Piper gives on reading is great – plan, discipline yourself to read 20 mins in the morning, twenty minutes after lunch and 20 mins before bed. If your an average reader in term so of speed this would mean you read 36 books in a year!


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