The Hypocrisy of Leadership

Leaders make the greatest hypocrites because of their ability to persuade and deceive. Rarely is there a pastor whose character exceeds his reputation. If I were to ask those closest to you about your relationship with God, what would they say? If I were to ask God the same question, what would He say? If your family, friends, and congregation have better things to say about you than God, it’s because you give them that impression.

Francis Chan


One thought on “The Hypocrisy of Leadership

  1. Is there some context here that helps flesh this statement out a bit? Because I think I am troubled by the skepticism here. I think I understand what Chan is saying, and as I am reading his book Crazy Love right now, I think I understand a bit of his heart on this. He is encouraging leaders toward a life that is Christlike, and more than nominally so, and that is important because (as we all know) it is altogether too easy to put on a front that massively misrepresents the inner life. This is the driving thought in the first chapters of Crazy Love as well. But I am troubled by the assignment of persuasion and deception as the primary factors here.

    I know for certain that my friends would speak much more highly of me than reality would actually uphold, and I think that is mostly because they are so desirous of the good in me – a tremendous gift in my life. I desire the good in them too. If you asked, I would tell you all of their good qualities and none of their bad ones. Did they deceive me? I don’t know – I know they’re imperfect, they know I’m imperfect, it’s no secret. Does the Lord more accurately assess their relationship with Him? Certainly. But He has also spoken of them so highly – and that when we were yet sinners.

    I think maybe I am a little bit of a pollyanna sometimes and maybe I am having an instinct to shield the heart of my own beloved pastors from accusations of hypocrisy, persuasion, and deception. Maybe I also am not prepared to hear this, or maybe there is some context that would make it feel less like a jab.

    Sorry for the novel, that is just my gut response.

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