Leadership And The Leader – Part 12

We are going to look at seven areas of success – which if you are doing these then regardless of what is happening or what people think is happening – you are a success.

1. To be faithful (obedient) to God’s word
2. To serve God and others
3. To Love God
4. To believe God
5. To Pray
6. To pursue Holiness
7. To develop a positive (Christ centered) Attitude.

To Be Faithful – Obedient To God’s Word
Are you applying the truths of scripture to our life? Do you READ the Bible and then seek to put what you read into practice. That is faithfulness. It will also mean that we will not be lazy but hardworking. This does not guarantee physical success in the world’s eyes – or a huge ministry – or universal acclamation. But it does mean that you hold dear to your heart. It is possible to lead a huge ministry and not love God. It is possible to lead worship and not love God. It is possible to preach an orthodox sermon and not love God. This is really where it starts and finishes.

To Serve God and Others
Are you living your life as a servant or have you drifted from servant-hood into self-service. Philippians 2:5ff begins with Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus…. and goes on to talk of Jesus making himself nothing; taking the very nature of a servant; humbled himself; became obedient to death.
This should be our attitude, yet our courses for training ‘leaders’ today do not include classes on ‘making yourself nothing’ or ‘taking the nature of a servant’ or ‘humility’ or ‘how to humble yourself to the point of death.’
If Jesus emptied himself of his divinity, humbled himself and took the role of a servant, why should a follower and a leader of the people of Jesus be any different? Maybe it is because too many leaders do not know how to exercise healthy, intimate relationships. They have become empire builders who are unable to give and receive love.


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