Two More Books

I received two more books from IVP this week for review.

The Indelible Image: The Theological and Ethical World of the New Testament, Vol. 1: The Individual Witnesses

Seeking to write a Theology of the New Testament (framework), Witherington asks why it is that we try to understand elements of New Testament theology apart from history, ethics, and praxis. They are certainly not unrelated, and indeed feed into the very heart of one another. Witherington believes that the globally focused theological project of the New Testament Theology cannot be understood without the components (ethics, praxis) that support it (explication).

God the Peacemaker (New Studies in Biblical Theology)

In this book Graham A. Cole seeks to answer this question by setting the atoning work of the cross in the broad framework of God’s grand plan to restore the created order, and places the story of Jesus, his cross and empty tomb within it. Since we have become paradoxically the glory and garbage of the universe, our great need is peace with God and not just with God, but also with one another. Atonement brings shalom by defeating the enemies of peace, overcoming both the barriers to reconciliation and to the restoration of creation through the sacrifice of Christ. The “peace dividend” that atonement brings ranges from the forgiveness of sins for the individual to adoption into the family of God.

Look out for my reviews in 2010!


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