Bah Humbug!

OK, I am going to slammed for this – and called a kill joy. But really, is not Santa Claus one of the most insidious anti-God messages out there. Does it not worry anybody that Santa is made up of the same words as satan? Both wear red! Yet Santa’s message to the world is “Be good and you will receive good gifts.” How anti-gospel is that. Satan must rejoice every Christmas as that message sinks into the hearts and minds of millions of people. IF I preached a sermon whereby I said “Just be good and you will receive good things” I would (at least I hope I would) be slammed by the leadership of the Church.

And yet we let that message go into our children across countless churches.

The message of Christmas is that you are not good – you can never be good – and yet God came to earth to rescue us and to give something we can never deserve – a gift which we could NEVER earn – salvation through trust in Christ.


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