What Kind Of Theological Education Leads To This…

… a UK priest allegedly telling people who are in dire need, and who have exhausted every legal method for help, to shoplift from big corporations? (see here). I understand his line of argument – but I cannot agree with him. To some extent he is right when he says that in our culture of greed and selfishness, the least worst option that we can leave people with is to shoplift. I see this in the US everyday – people who have nothing and no place to go for help. A mother who is desperate to feed her children and who has no other means might shoplift. But it is still wrong to steal. It is sin. Even under such desperate circumstances. Many churches have soup kitchens and provisions for the poor – but does EVERY church? Why not? In such a time as this the church needs to step up. I am amazed that a man who has been through theological education and training could say this.


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