Trust In An Age Of Arrogance by C. Fitzsimons Allison

Wisdom is not just about knowledge. True wisdom has a spiritual edge. One who is truly wise is one who has grown in knowledge and love of God – who sees and understands their own true state of weakness from the firm rock of faith and trust in Christ; who has traveled the road of faith, not faultlessly but with perseverance and humility.

Bishop Fitz Allison is wise. Having spent some time hearing him preach and teach, I know he is a man who is still learning and growing, despite his learning, status and achievements, ecclesiastically and academically. 

This book is filled with wisdom. Ttaking Matthew 16:6  (“beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”) Fitz tackles the huge twin issues within the church of the secularism and arrogance of the Sadducees (I am SURE this world is all that there is), the self-righteousness of the Pharisees (I can achieve this / I am not that bad) both of which reveal the insidious view that we are in some sense free to ‘make’ decisions. 

Fitz’s thesis is that we are not free. We are in bondage. We are selfish. Our natural tendency is to want the universe to revolve round us.

It is only in Christ, and by submitting to Christ that we can be set free. It is only when we understand that those around are not free but in bondage that we will begin to love as Christ loved us – knowing that people need Jesus – they need his love, his justice – his forgivness.

 This book is packed with a lifetime of learning, understanding and reflection. Fitz takes us on a powerful and humbling journey as he unpacks these issues with a wisdom which comes from a deep relationship and love of Christ.

This is a true elder of the church speaking. Buy this book – read it – and be richly blest.

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