Tom Wright and Reformed Theology

There is much going on in Reformed circles regarding Tom Wright and his work on Justification.

Below is an interesting quote from Tim Ward. Tim is reformed and he has a book out called  Words Of Life – a book which has been very well received. Also, Tim was at Oak Hill when I was there – If I remember rightly, we were in the same tutorial group for my first year. In a recent interview, Tim is asked Are there any current trends in biblical scholarship that either concern or excite you? He says this:

If I can add ‘theological’ to ‘biblical’ scholarship, I am among those who are excited by the widely-noted resurgence of Reformed theology among younger scholars and pastors. (That is happening in its own small way in pockets of English evangelicalism, too.) I am increasingly convinced that it is in this theology that we find the richest theological resources for living under Scripture that God has given us. Of course, like all new-ish movements, it currently runs the risk of trendy superficiality, hero-worship and thoughtless excitability. However if we work hard on seeing it mature and settle down then it could strengthen evangelical life for a good time to come. In biblical studies, as far as evangelicals are concerned, the outstanding trend to my mind is the work of Tom Wright. I know that there are difficulties in his work, both in the content and in the manner in which he engages (or frankly fails to engage well) with friendly critics on his theological right (I think here of John Piper especially), but there is no doubt that his project is rich, thoughtful, profound, and hugely respectful of Scripture. If Reformed people end up simply dismissing him, we will do so to our own cost, I think.

Wise words from Tim.


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