Do The Best ‘Staff’ HAVE To Be Paid The MOST

The Royal Bank of Scotland’s chief said, referring to bonuses which are going to be paid out at the bank;

He warned, though, that there could be a “very clear and very sharp” potential for “conflict of interest” between the desire of the government to keep bonuses within limits acceptable to the public and the needs of shareholders to retain the best staff, when other banks were paying bigger bonuses.

So, his philosophy is, we must pay a ton of money to people they perceive to be the BEST so that they will stay at that particular bank and not leave for MORE money. Mmmm!

Maybe another philosophy could be – those who are perceived to be the BEST stop being greedy and accept ENOUGH money, not necessarily the MOST.

If one can live affluently on $150,000 or $200,000 per year, surely it is GREED to demand $500,000 a year, or a $1 million a year simply because you can demand it.

It surely says something about the character of such people who work in the City of London, or Wall Street, that while they could live well, comfortably and securely on maybe half what they earn in salary or bonuses, allowing the other half of such money to be used to pay others, they demand the very maximum of what they are perceived to be worth.

One day, we may read about a person who, while being the BEST, decides they will accept LESS and  happily stay in the job they are in (I am sure such people exist today – we just do not hear of them).


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