Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ by Thomas Torrance (edited by Robert Walker)

This is the companion book to `Incarnation’ and in a similar fashion its contents have been complied from the notes of the late Thomas Torrance, comprising of over 25 years of lectures given to students in Christology at New College Edinburgh.

As with the first volume, this is really a remarkable work. Torrance takes you on a journey through the theology of the atonement, examining it from every possible angle. As you read through this book you soon realize two things; Firstly, this is theology at the very highest level; scholarly, in-depth, and yet readable. Secondly, it is immensely pastoral. You can sense the passion and love that Torrance had for Jesus Christ. This is true theological reflection – not just for academic purposes, but also in order to elicit a change in our thinking and in our spiritual life. This is what has struck me reading these two books. I have not just `learned’ information about the Incarnation and Atonement, but I have been challenged, encouraged and even moved by understanding deeper the immense work of Jesus Christ in his life and ministry; his death and resurrection. Is this not what theological study should lead to? Such is Torrance’s skill in his prose that I found myself drawn into each chapter not just by what he wrote but also by how he wrote. I challenge any reader not to come away from this book enriched and rejoicing at what Jesus Christ achieved through the atonement.

Far be it for me to declare these books as future classics (that must be done by those with far more influence and weight than myself) – these are two of the very finest books I have ever read on Christology.


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