Archbishop of Canterbury Is Too Late…

The Archbishop of Canterbury is too late. His persistent unwillingness to talk in a straight forward way against the unbiblical actions of the Episcopal Church has left him in no mans land. The conservatives of the Episcopal Church / Anglicanism is the US are looking past the ABC and the liberals are blatantly defying the Anglican communion and 2000 years of Christian teaching. NOW Rowan Williams asks the Episcopal Church not to affirm the new assistant Bishop in Los Angeles (see here)!!

I fear his response is not out of any sense of biblical priority and the upholding of christian orthodoxy but because his position is about to become irrelevant. The conservatives will now split within TEC in the face of this utter defiance to the whole Anglican communion (re: its request to not ordain practicing gay and lesbians); and the majority of the Anglican Communion and Primates, I think, will rally to affirm and recognize ACNA (Anglican Church of North America). This will render the Archbishop of Canterbury, if not superfluous , at least in a secondary role. 

But then again, this is the obvious and predicted destination of his actions. He can neither be surprised or sorry. To ignore a group who persistently breaks the rules not just of an organization but of the its whole tradition can only lead to this point.


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