A Preliminary To Revival – Martyn Lloyd-Jones

My last principle is that without a single exception it is the rediscovery of the cardinal doctrines that has led ultimately to revival. There is always a preliminary to revival. It appears to come suddenly, and in a sense it does. But if you look carefully into the history, you will always find that there was something going on quietly, there was a preliminary, a preparation unobserved by people. And the preparation, invariably, has been a rediscovery of these grand, and glorious, central truths. Take for instance, the history of the Protestant Reformation. It was only after Martin luther had suddenly seen the grand truth of justification by faith only that the protestant revival came. It was the getting back to that truth, in the epistles to the Galatians and the Romans that prepared the way for the out pouring of the spirit… . There are certain truths which are absolutely essential to revival. And while these truths are denied or are neglected or ignored, we have no right to expect the blessing of revival.


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