Diocese of South Carolina Special Convention Resolution 5

The fifth resolution at the Special convention yesterday did not pass. It was tabled so that the diocese could issue a fuller, better prepared statement at our next Convention in March 2010. While I agreed that a fuller statement was necessary I think it was a mistake to table it – and I voted that way yesterday.

It was a mistake, I think, because of THIS. Of course, people like this will always be attacking the Diocese ignorantly and from a  distance , without being informed or even seeking to be informed. Also, his agenda is not a Christian one in the biblical, orthodox, historic way. But still, by NOT passing resolution 5, in the form of the 2nd proposed amendment, it left the diocese open to even more accusations of unfounded bigotry. The resolution (not in its amended form) is below.

Whereas the Diocese of South Carolina recognizes we have all been created in God‟s image and

are precious in his sight, and

Whereas we acknowledge we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and stand

equally in need of his mercy and grace, we thankfully and humbly,

Resolve that this Diocese will not condone prejudice or deny the dignity of any person, including

but not limited to, those who believe themselves to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or

transgendered.   Nevertheless, we will speak the truth in love as Holy Scripture

commends for the amendment of life required of disciples of Christ.  It is love of

neighbor and the abiding concern for their spiritual well being that compels such honesty

and will never allow us to remain silent.


One thought on “Diocese of South Carolina Special Convention Resolution 5

  1. Worrying about Mark Harris ‘s opinion about orthodoxy is like worrying that people in Fenway park boo at the Mets.

    Additionally the phrases “prejudice” and “deny the dignity of any person” are ‘weasel words’, that is like the Red Queen they mean precisely what we want them to be.

    But I digress… and agree in a limited fashion. It would be good to have a passed a form of resolution 5 in order to “complete the thought” that the resolutions represent.

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