Preaching – Iain Murray On Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Murray, expressing ML-J’s thoughts writes:

True Preaching does not belong to the sphere of natural gifts. It is not a thing to be obtained through teaching or training. It is the result of the presence of the Spirit of God, and that is exactly where the mystery enters… There is an obvious reason why preaching too often lacks the ability to hold the interest of those who listen (including Children). It is because the word spoken has no more than a fleeting access to the hearers mind. A statement is briefly heard only to be crowded out by the individual’s own thoughts, which he may find more pleasant and interesting…..The danger can be that the delivery and reception of the sermon is more important to us than the content….

And finally:

For Lloyd-Jones no small part of the problem in the 20th century church was that there were too many preachers without God given authority…It is the absence of this element that tempts preachers and churches to employ all kinds of expedients to fill the void.


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