Jesus, Son of David Have Mercy On Me…

Mark 10:46-52; Hebrews 5:12-6:1, 9-12

Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me. This is the call of sinners. It is where we all must begin. This is the gateway into a relationship with the holy God – have mercy on me. It is a recognition of the fact that we need mercy, that we know our condition before God. It is a cry of hopelessness – we know there is nothing we can do to fix the problem of sin; and it is a cry of hope, we can throw ourselves on the mercy of God.

Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.

This is what the blind man does. Notice that he does not cry out only once and then stop. He is persistent. He cries out again and again, even when people are rebuking him and telling him to keep quiet. The blind man has somehow seen that Jesus is his only hope. Jesus is his only answer. And he cries out until Jesus responds.

This cry, Jesus, son of David have mercy on me, or Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me, is a foundational cry for each one of us. It is the cry which begins all our relationships with the living God – anyone who wants to know and discover who God is must start with this cry – Lord, have mercy on me. It is the basis of our relationship with Him. And it is not a cry that we shout once, or twice. It is a persistent cry. It forms the basis of our walk with God.

But while this cry is the gateway to our relationship with Jesus,  it is also the foundation of our continue relationship with Him. We are not to remain at the gate,  as if we are constantly beginning our relationship with God. We are meant to grow and mature as believers, and this is the point of our passage in Hebrews this morning. The Hebrew Christians were not growing in their faith – they were not developing their relationship with God – when they cried out Jesus Have Mercy on Us they were in the same place as the day they were converted. The author to the Hebrews puts it this way – you are still on milk when you should be on solid food.

Why must we move from milk to solid food?

For two reasons:

  1. That we may be able to distinguish between good and evil. In other words, as we mature, as our cry to Jesus to have mercy on us is based in our growing relationship with Jesus we will be able to see what decisions we should make as Christians in our every day life – we will have understanding and confidence to know God’s will for us and to make godly decisions.
  2. That we should realize the full assurance of hope. Part of our growth in faith is that we have more and more assurance. Assurance that we are indeed a child of God. Assurance that we know without doubt that God is working his purposes in our lives; assurance that we know we are saved; assurance that we know God has our lives in his safe hands and that we need not be anxious; assurance that we KNOW that we have a future, physically and spiritually, here on earth and in heaven – and that this future is secure in Jesus Christ.

Do we have this assurance? Do we have the assurance that as we pray to Jesus this morning he WILL hear; he WILL act, according to his timing and his will for us.


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