The Episcopal Majority and Jeremiah

Our church has been doing the 90 day bible challenge – read the scriptures in 90 days – cover to cover – around 12 pages a day. Each week we meet in groups to discuss what we have read and how we can respond. We have five groups meeting – three on Sunday mornings during our Adult Education time and two during the week. We had around 85 people sign up for this.

This past week we have read Isaiah and most of Jeremiah. During my groups discussion we talked about the national Episcopal church. Those whop adhere tot he national church claim that because the majority of the church is in favor of the liberal agenda then it must be OK.

Jeremiah blows such thinking out of the water.

Jeremiah stands against the entire religious structure of his day – declaring that their ways are not only wrong but dishonoring to God – that judgment is coming and that the priests and religious leaders were in error in declaring all is well. Jeremiah is attacked physically and verbally for his message. But the point is clear….

The majority are not always right…. and in fact, they can be in danger of severe judgment from God if they do not listen to the words of God through his scriptures.

Majority DOES NOT = RIGHT THINKING. That is a warning for us all.


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